Papers Authored or Co-Authored by Lance Grainger

Item Title Author(s)
1 A Method to Apply IEEE Std. 80 Safe Touch and Step Potentials to Relay Coordination Lance Grainger & Richard Boulton
2 Power System Design Considerations When Applying Variable Frequency Drives Lance Grainger, Alfred Comeau & Kelly Packard
3 Increasing Refiner Production by Using Motor Thermal Capacity for Protection & Control Lance Grainger & Michael McDonald
4 Residual Harmonics in Voltage Unbalanced Power Systems Lance Grainger & Roy Spencer
5 Design Considerations When Applying Large Synchronous Compressor Motors to an SVC Controlled Weak Power Supply System Lance Grainger & Jack Leuw
6 A Practical Approach to Solving Large Drive Harmonic Problems at the Design Stage Frank DeWinter & Lance Grainger